speaking at mysqlconf

This year I was happy to be accepted as a speaker at MySQLConf 2009, presenting a session on MySQL Enterprise Monitor and Query Analyzer alongside Phil Hildebrand .

Whats it about?
Well talk about the Enterprise Monitor and Query Analyzer tools from a user perspective.  You may have read a Sun/MySQL press release or a whitepaper on those (maybe even mine ), but it still may be hard to get a sense of what these products are and why they are useful.

Because these are part of MySQLs Enterprise offering, they are not free open source software.  Thus I suspect only a small percentage of MySQL users are aware of what they do and probably even fewer have actually tried them out.  Well, Phil and I have used them extensively for quite some time, and well walk you through the basics without any marketing spin.  Were both hands-on DBAs and not employed by Sun, so well give you the unfiltered real deal.  :-)

Why should you attend?

Well first of all, I hope youre going to MySQLConf if you can.  Its a great conference full of sessions on a whole bunch of interesting topics.  Ive attended for the past two years and met some great folks and learned quite a bit even though Im a seasoned MySQL developer and DBA.  Given all the recent and ongoing developments with Falcon, PBXT, Drizzle, XtraDB, MySQL 6.0, and more there is so much information to take in at the conference and related activities (Percona Conference, MySQL Camp).

The real question is why go to our session?  Its a tough one because there are several other interesting sessions at the same time (Tuesday mornings first session at 10:50am).  I would say come to this one if you have been wondering about or considering the MySQL Enterprise subscription for your organization and want to see what is involved and what other users think.

Well try to make it interesting for technical folks and not a marketing presentation with practical examples, gotchas, and even a demonstration so you can get a sense of how it works and how it might be useful.

Thats the end of my session sales pitch.  See you at MySQLConf 2009!


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